Asbestos Help Pty Ltd has the licensed to transport asbestos containing material (ACM ) from your home,property,factory etc. to EPA registered tip and disposal. We offer a safe pick up and disposal services for asbestos material around Melbourne.Wrapped or unwrapped that has been already removed from your home or property. We will dispose of your asbestos waste in a very professional, efficient and cost effective manner. Minimum cost of asbestos pickup -call 0413 844 506.The cost will depend how much asbestos material need to be pick up and disposal and how fare is from asbestos waste disposal tip.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) controls the disposal of asbestos waste whether is from the workplace, public place or household. EPA controls the transportation of asbestos waste by a commercial contractor. The disposal of asbestos waste is controlled by EPA under Environmental Protection Act 1970 and the Environmental Protection (Prescribed Waste) Regulation 1998.
You can only disposal asbestos waste at the tip, waste treatment centre that is only licensed by EPA to accept asbestos waste. You may legally remove and disposal asbestos material from your property but you cannot:

Place asbestos product in your hard rubbish bin or recycling bin.
Dump asbestos waste on public or private land.
Dispose of asbestos product at your local waste and recycling tip if is not approved by EPA to accept asbestos waste.Asbestos Disposal Melbourne

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If there is asbestos in your building, it’s best to act fast and minimize risks.

Don’t put your family at risk for asbestos poisoning.

Please call us to learn more about our fast, reliable, and affordable asbestos abatement, clean up, removal and disposal services and how we can help you keep your home, business, plant, or school healthy and safe.

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