Home owners can get asbestos cleaned from their premises on their own but we recommend the use of licensed professional asbestos removalists to do the job. Now this question might arise in your mind as to what is the cost of such a removalist. We charge in most situations per square meter rather than by the hour or per job. The costs of removal asbestos containing material depend on a number of factors, including:

Amount of asbestos material to be removed.
How hard/easy the asbestos (ACM)is to be removed.
What is condition of asbestos material (fix, loose, attached and broken)?Asbestos Removal Cost
Is the asbestos material painted, sprayed, covered or raw?
Vinyl floor tiles containing asbestos
Where the asbestos material is located?
How far is the tip and what exactly will the asbestos disposal cost.
What equipment we need to remove the ACM (forklift, boomlift, scissorlift etc.)?
Clearance certificate, monitoring (if the area is more than 10 sqm).
How long the job will take, how many workers do we need to complete the job.

All of these factors will be reviewed by us to give you the accurate cost of removal. Every home/property is different and the cost for each job will be different ensuring a high level of safety with affordable prices to satisfy everyone.

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